Sending Automated System Email from Orchid POS

Sending Automated System Email from Orchid POS

Orchid POS has the capability of sending email notifications to your customers and other contacts. This includes the ability to email invoices, quotes, and purchase orders. This page is about the automatic system email sent from Orchid POS. This includes invoices, purchase orders, and Storefront related notifications.

Overview of Email in Orchid POS:

Orchid POS has built-in support for sending email to your contacts.

The most common uses of email are sending invoices to customers, and sending Purchase Orders to vendors.

By default, all emails are sent from the built-in Orchid POS default email server:
You can change this setting by adding a custom SMTP server.

Customizing system emails

The contents of each email type (invoice, purchase order, etc) are predefined in the form of email templates.

Email templates and other settings can be managed in Office > Back Office Settings > Email Options

For each type of email (invoice, purchase order, etc) you can edit:

  • From Name: The name that will appear in the recipient's inbox.
  • Reply To: The email address that will populate the "To:" field when your recipient clicks reply.
  • Subject: Appears in the subject line of the email.
  • Message: The body contents of the email.

Variable Data

Email messages and subject lines support variable data through the use of "tags". A list of supported tags is shown on the right-side of the Email Options page.

Variable data tags allow the email to auto-populate certain pieces of information, such as the contact's name, the invoice number, or the current date.

Add a Custom SMTP Server:

By default, all system emails are sent from the Orchid POS default server:

If you want the emails to be sent from your own domain, you can configure the system to send email from your own SMTP server.

  1. Go to Office > Back Office Settings > Email Options
  3. Enter your SMTP server's information
  4. Click UPDATE to save your changes.
A note about using gmail email address: You must set your gmail account to allow for third party access.
  1. After logging in to your gmail account go here: and set Allow less secure apps to ON.
  2. Then go here: and enabled gmail account access.


It is recommended that you send a test email to verify that your SMTP settings have been updated successfully.

Remove Custom SMTP Server (Reset to Orchid POS Default):

The Orchid POS SMTP settings can be reset back to defaults at any point.

  1. Go to Office > Back Office Settings > Email Options
  3. Click CLEAR to remove your custom settings and restore the Orchid POS defaults.
  4. When a popup appears, click to confirm the reset.
    • Tip: Make sure popups aren't blocked.

It is recommended that you send a test email to verify that the SMTP defaults have been restored successfully.

Send a Test Email to Verify Your SMTP Connection:

If you suspect an issue with your SMTP server, you can send a test by generating a dummy invoice.

  1. Navigate to the point of sale, and start a new invoice.
  2. If you have an existing customer record for yourself, pull up that record in the POS.
    • If you don't have a customer record for testing, you can use Guest Sale.
  3. Ring up a miscellaneous, non-inventoried item.
    • Description: Email Test
    • Price: $0.00
  4. Select the Cash option to bring up the payment screen.
  5. If the email address field is blank, enter your email address.
    • Make sure the "Email" option is selected.
    • It is not necessary to print a copy of the invoice, so that option can be deselected if preferred.
  6. Click to generate an invoice.
  • If the button is not illuminated, click to confirm the amount tendered as $0.00
  • When the invoice is generated, an email will be sent to the address specified in step 5.

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