Print Month End Reports

Print Month End Reports

Orchid POS does not have a particular set of reports for "month's end." We leave the selection of information up to each individual business and desired date range.

We recommend using the export to pdf option from the following reports' windows; this will put all reports into tabs in Chrome, which can then be printed with just a couple of clicks.

Typical "month end" reports are:

  • Sales Tax Summary (shows all invoices including tax collected)
  • Sales by Department (shows all sales, sorted by department)
  • Cost of Good Sold or Delivered (shows your cost of all items sold or delivered)
  • Purchase History (shows items received)
  • Inventory Assets (shows current assets of all inventoried products)
  • Monies Received (shows all payments accepted)
  • Accounts Receivable (shows current balance due to store)
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