Orchid eBound - Technical Support

Orchid eBound - Technical Support

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      Orchid eBound Updated To Meet New ATF Standard As you know, beginning November 1st, 2020, the ATF requires all Form 4473s to be processed using the revised form. Our team is completing final modifications to the Orchid eBound™ application this week ...
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      Contacts in Orchid POS Courses in Orchid POS Emails from Orchid POS Inventory Management Invoice and Receipt Format Display Point-Of-Sale Equipment Reference Articles Rentals in Orchid POS Reports, Accounting, & QuickBooks Setup System Admin & ...
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      Welcome to Orchid eBound!  The steps contained within this guide will get you started in your new eBound Books.  More details for each step can be found in their respective articles. Step 1 - Create Your eBound Book(s) Note: Only Company Admin users ...
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